I can't connect to my server

There are a few things that could be going on here...

Your server is generating its world

When you change your server to 'RWG' (random generated), or change your server's world seed or size, it will generate a new world the next time it starts.

The world generation can take up to 20 minutes for size 4096 worlds, and up to 30 minutes for size 8192 worlds.

Your server will show that it's 'running', but you won't be able to connect to it while the world is generating.

Wait until the world generation finishes. Don't stop or restart your server during this time. Your world might be half-generated and your server might not start back up again. Or, your server will start generating its world again from the beginning.

Your server will show some progress about its world generation on its Logs page, but it's also normal to see no update in the logs for up to 15 minutes.

If more than 30 minutes have passed since you started your server and you're still not able to connect, please get in touch with us.

You're connecting through Steam and it says 'Server is not responding'

There's a known bug with 7 Days to Die that stops the Steam connection popup from working sometimes. If the popup shows 'Server is not responding', try connecting to your server in-game using its IP address and port on the 'Connect to server' screen.

Your server is set to 'Private' or 'Friends only'

There's another bug with 7 Days to Die that means sometimes people can't connect to your server unless your ServerVisibility is set to Public.

Try changing your ServerVisibility to Public and try again. If you're able to connect, that's awesome! But only sort-of-awesome, because you'll have to keep your server public. The good news is you can set a password for your server to restrict who can join.

Something else

Did somebody say 7 Days to Die bugs?

There's yet another bug which can also cause connection issues. There's one last weird workaround you can try. Edit your server's Configuration and update the ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols setting. The default value is SteamNetworking. Delete that, so the setting is blank. Then save your configuration and restart your server.

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