Installing mods on your 7 Days to Die server

7 Days to Die has an amazing modding community! You can mod your game with small tweaks from increasing your backpack size, to complete overhaul mods like Darkness Falls and Ravenhearst.

You can find a list of mods on the 7 Days to Die forums. They also have a section dedicated to modding.

Installing a mod for 7 Days to Die usually involves uploading some files to your server. 

You can do this using FTP - you'll need a program like FileZilla, and then you can connect to your server using the details on the Files page in the control panel.

Installing modlets

A 'modlet' is a type of mod that usually makes some small tweaks to your game. They follow a standard format and they all go in the same place on your server.

If you add a modlet to your server, players don't need to do anything to their own game. They'll automatically download your server's modlets when they connect.

Modlets come in a folder. They might come in a .zip archive - if so, unzip the archive first!

To install a modlet, upload the modlet folder to your server's /7d2d/Mods folder.

If the Mods folder doesn't exist yet, create it! Make sure it's spelled Mods with a capital 'M' - otherwise it won't work.

Here we've installed the KHA20-60BBM (Khaine's 60 slot backpack) modlet:Restart your server after you've installed modlets. You can see which modlets have loaded at the start of your server's log file - you might have to download the full file to check.

Troubleshooting modlets

If a modlet won't load, here are a few things to check:

  • Have you restarted your server?
  • Is your mods folder called Mods, with a capital 'M'?
  • Is the modlet folder in the right place?
  • The modlet folder should contain a file called ModInfo.xml. Sometimes, when you unzip a zipped modlet, it creates a folder within a folder. If you upload a folder within a folder, it won't work. Upload the folder that has the ModInfo.xml file.

Installing mod packs

Mod packs are a bit more complex. They also involve uploading some files, but you might need to upload files in different places. You should check the instructions for the mod pack you're installing.

You can usually find instructions on the 7 Days to Die forum topic for each mod pack. For example:

After you install a mod pack on your server, your players will usually need to download and install the mod pack to their own game. The 7D2D Mod Launcher is a popular way for players to do this.

Getting more help

You can get help on the 7 Days to Die Discord server in the channel #modusers-help.

If you're having trouble with a specific modlet or mod pack, you can also ask for help on the 7 Days to Die forums.

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