If the control panel says your server's version is no longer available

You might see a message in the control panel about your server's version no longer being available.

On your server's Settings page, you might also see (Currently unavailable) next to the name of the version that your server is running.

You don't have to do anything about this message. Your server will keep working normally. But you might notice things like your server doesn't receive updates when you think it should.

Why is the control panel showing this message?

The control panel shows this message when the game version your server uses has been removed from Steam.

Usually this happens when an experimental version is officially released as 'stable', and the game developers remove the 'experimental' version.

Our control panel uses Steam to update your server to the new version. Steam checks to make sure that we're asking for a valid version - a version that actually exists. If we ask Steam to try and update a server that's using a version which was removed by the developers, it won't work.

This means that your server won't receive any updates when the control panel shows this message.

It also means you can't reinstall your server's current version.

How to fix this message

When your server is running an experimental version

To fix this message, change your server back to the 'stable' version.

This will not delete any of your server's files. In most cases, the stable version and last experimental version are actually identical!

But running through this process means that Steam, and our control panel, know your server is on a valid version.

When your server is running an older version of the game

The game developers have removed your version of the game from Steam.

To fix this message, you need to update your server to a supported version.

Only do this if you're happy to update to a newer version. A newer version might not be compatible with your existing worlds or mods. You won't be able to change back to this version if you change your mind.

Or, keep your server running the current version. It will keep working with this version, but it won't get any updates. You also can't reinstall the same version again.

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