My server was restarted for using too much memory

If your server uses too much memory, we might restart or stop it.

Our control panel will do this automatically.

How much too much memory is depends on two things:

  • Your server's game package, which has an amount of base memory. This is the amount of memory your server is always allowed to use.
  • How much memory other game servers are using at the moment.

Read more about memory usage for an explanation on how we decide when to restart a game server for using too much memory.

Reducing memory usage

A few things cause servers to use more memory, so there are a few steps you can take to lower your server's usage.

Remember, you can see your server's memory usage on your server's Stats page in the control panel. This is helpful when you're making changes and want to see which changes have the biggest impact on memory.


Mods are the most common cause for servers using lots of memory. Some mods are really complex, and some aren't made too well. Some mods suffer from both.

Mods can use anywhere from just about nothing to many gigabytes of memory. For example, the popular Starvation mod for 7 Days to Die uses about 5 times the memory compared to an average server.

If your server is running many mods, figure out which ones are using the most memory. You can do this by disabling each mod, one-by-one, and restarting your server. Then check your server's memory usage. If you find one that's using lots of memory, think about whether or not you really need it.


Each player on your server uses some memory. If your server is running mods, each player can use even more memory.

World size

A larger world uses more memory. This one is pretty simple!

Upgrading your server's game package

Sometimes you've done all you can, but can't reduce your server's memory usage any further. Or maybe you really want to play with a certain mod, but it turns out that it uses lots of memory. That's okay!
You can upgrade or downgrade your server's game package any time from the Settings -> Subscription page in the control panel.
Higher tier game packages offer higher amounts of base memory, and they're also less likely to be restarted if they exceed their base memory.
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